Seminario sobre Pensamiento y significado, a cargo de Adrian Cussins

(1) FIRST SEMINAR: «Full-blooded theory of meaning, internal logic and making room for a distinction between fiction and reality.»

martes 27: aula Verdugo de 17 a 20hs

(2) SECOND SEMINAR:  «The NAVAS theory of the Nonconceptual Content of Perception» (NAVAS = Normativity, Affordance, subjective Valence, Affect, Solicitation)

miércoles 28: aula Verdugo de 17 a 20hs

(3) THIRD SEMINAR: «Constructions of Thought and on how to reconcile Formality with Creativity, and Compositionality with the the Context Principle»

jueves 29: aula GEA (Francia 1º piso) de 17 a 20hs

(4) FORTH SEMINAR: «The Bleaching of Meaning Value, the Renewal of Meaning Value, the World’s Greatest Board Game, and the Epistemic Virtue of Thoughtfulness».

Viernes 30: aula verdugo de 17 a 20hs.